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Morphological freedom & gender outline

What is morphological freedom?

"the ability to alter bodily form at will through technologies such as surgery, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, uploading." - Max More, Technological Self-Transformation: Expanding Personal Extropy link
"an extension of one's right to one's body, not just self-ownership but also the right to modify oneself according to one's desires" - Anders Sandberg, Morphological Freedom – Why We not just Want, but Need it link

- Overview (includes body/bio-hacking & grinder subculture.)
- H+ theory and gender
- Bodies (android & beyond)

Why is it useful or relevant to transness and gender?

-'non-standard' transitioning (neopronouns, alternate body desires to cis bodies)
- no med/op transition and freedom to choose that
-'non-standard' dysphoria and body limitations
- Non-binary, genderqueer, androgyne, etc

Gender at large/Altersex

- Right for cis people to experiment (hrt, op, prosthetics)
- Breaking down binaries of sexes (that don't exist anyway)
- Normative body roles & desires (SFW & NSFW)
- Gender non conformance
- Altersex


- Goods: people deserve to feel good in their bodies no matter what that body may be
- Bads: consent, push back from cis folks, possible trends/body shaming
- The right to do OR not to do

Other things to consider

- Intersexism & intersex inclusion
- DIY & Open source practices
- Starting at the root - anarchist perspectives
- NSFW inclusive morphological freedom: prosthetic penetrative devices, internal vibrators, etc. (LOVETRON900, for example).