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Euphoria as Defence

There is a cis obsession with gender dysphoria. The suffering of trans, non-binary, androgyne and other gender diverse folks creates a spectator sport for cis people to stare at. Sometimes they might throw a transition GoFundMe some money, like throwing peanuts at elephants. Dysphoria is profitable for cis people, it benefits them to further medicalise trans lives, fills their pockets with ill-earned money and stops them from feeling too threatened by radical trans folks upsetting their delicately balanced gender order.

In this world, euphoria is self-defence. It is not profitable, it is not comforting for cis people, it is joyful, radical and liberating. Most importantly, it can build a community. A community built on shared joy and love will always be a defense in the face of oppression.

Gender euphoria can come in many forms. Mine lives in my hands being scarred up from a rural childhood, reaching into blackberry bushes and getting pricked and scratched in search of fruit. In bruised knees and scarred legs from adventuring, pushing to a limit and beyond it. Your's might live in strong legs, your shoulders, it can stem from any part of you. A flatter chest, a fuller chest. Anything that makes you feel embodied in your gender.

The only thing that matters is you find it, embrace it. Don't let it be taken and sold back to you.